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2023 in Review

Come with us on a deep dive into the last twelve months at HelpKids, Sri Lanka!

Through our Gardens 4life project we were able to provide 250 families with the tools they need to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

We have been able to supply 380 spray bottles, 140 shovels, 1340 seed packets and 3600 planting bags.

We were also able to provide 140 young soccer players with shirts in the Eastern Province. A special thank you to Swansea Football Club, Newcastle, Australia

100 children's home workers have been trained in fundamental stress management techniques. Working with children in institutional care can be extremely stressful at times so this program gives them tools and resources to cope with the daily stress of their job.

Through 2023 we have seen 122 low-income families positively impacted by attending the HelpKids Centre. 

Through this education, our children have learnt to become more independent, mastering the essential skills of life.

They have become example-setters in their homes, improving their family situation and preventing their seperation into residential care.

35 children attended our Montessori school and 132 children attended life skills-based education program.

Thank you so much for your continued support and interest in our work here in Sri Lanka. We are so excited for the year ahead and look forward to sharing with you all the exciting projects we are able to provide and lives we are able to impact.

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