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Stress Management Program

We are working our way around the country delivering a stress management program to carers in children’s homes. These carers have very demanding roles that take an enormous toll on their bodies and minds. The purpose of this program is to equip the carers with tools and resources to help them recognise and manage their stress more effectively. The sessions run over two days and balance theoretical learning with practical activities, equipping them for their roles. The attendees take away with them a workbook packed full of resources and tips for recognising and managing their stress levels. This program aims to indirectly improve the quality of life for children in residential homes across the country by focusing on the well-being of those responsible for looking after them.

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Care Plan

Our last child left our children’s home, Home of Hope, in December 2023 and we are working through the process of officially closing the home. 


Our focus has shifted, therefore, to assisting other homes in the country to properly plan their children’s journey through their homes. The ideal scenario is that children spend as little time as possible in residential care and are instead placed back in a family setup. The care plan we are developing will act as a resource for homes to actively manage each case and plan for reunification and reintegration. 

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