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The Home of Hope provides temporary residential care for children.


The Home of Hope believes that the family is the best place for the holistic development and care of a child and we are committed to protecting each child’s right to be nurtured and raised in a loving family. We seek to take a proactive approach to scaling down the use of residential care and assisting children within the context of their families.



  • Develop Family-based alternative care such as kinship care and foster care options for children who require out-of-parental care


  • Provide high quality short-term care as a last resort and temporary option in cases where family based care is not in the best interests of certain children.

  • Assist long-term residential care programs to undergo deinstitutionalization, which is the process of closing down long-term residential care programs and developing alternate community-based services for families and children.


  • Develop reintegration and reunification programs to assist children in residential care to reintegrate back into their communities and be reunited with their families (in cases where it is appropriate).

  • Develop child-centred community development programs that assist whole communities to meet the needs of their own children.

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