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About the HelpKids Centre

The HelpKids Education Centre provides early education and after school tuition classes to assist children from low income families in a community in Colombo.


Our goal is to see each child that is enrolled in the centre complete his/her education at least up to the General Certificate of Education (GCE) O Level qualification in Sri Lanka, which is conducted by the Department of Examinations of the Ministry of Education.


We then encourage the children to pursue higher education or a form of vocation training.

Our Mission

Our mission at The HelpKids Education Centre is to focus on the whole child by providing a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children; a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate and contributing members of society.

The HelpKids Centre Education Centre wants all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually by exploring, playing and learning with others in a happy, safe and healthy environment.

Our Education Programs

Early Childhood Education Program

The Montessori school provides early education and life skills for children aged 4-5.


The Past Pupils Program (PPP)

Once the children in the Montessori Class start grade 1 in the local government schools they are enrolled in the HelpKids Past Pupils Program which gives them the opportunity to receive weekly education assistance in the form of tuition classes in Sinhala Language and Spoken English Classes.

Along with the after school tuition classes we provide the children with various life skill programs to address social, emotional and personal issues that they face. 

Community Education Program (CEP)

Children from the community who have not attended our Montessori School are still eligible to attend our after school classes through our Community Education Program.

This program is open to siblings of past pupils as well as children from the community. It provides after school tuition classes and various life skill programs.

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