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Gardens 4Life
Food poverty is becoming an increasing problem as prices soar and wages remain the same. Many families, especially those in the East, are eating only rice and therefore not getting the nutrients they need. Gardens 4Life is providing families with basic gardening equipment, tools and seeds to grow their own vegetables. 

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Water Filters 4Life

Many areas in Sri Lanka suffer from highly calcified drinking water. This causes many health issues such as kidney stones. We work with communities, churches and schools to install water filters which specifically reduce calcium levels in the water and make it safer to drink for all. 

School water Filter.jpg

Education 4Life

A funding kit designed to provide a child with all the resources they need to attend and thrive in school. 

Lights 4Life

One of the largest causes of death in underprivileged communities is from bicycle accidents. We work with these communities to provide LIGHTS FOR BIKES, ensuring cyclists are visible on the road and reducing the chance of them being involved in accidents. Additionally, we provide families with SOLAR LIGHTS for their homes so that the children can continue to do their school work into the evening


Disaster Relief 4Life

We support families in times of crisis such as during monsoon floods, with food, water and shelter. 

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Poultry Farms 4Life

In another bid to tackle food poverty, we provide families with chickens and the resources to farm them. This helps diversify their diets with eggs and chicken meat, as well as being a source of additional income by selling their surplus. 

Chicken farm.jpg

Spectacles 4Life

We arrange routine eye tests and provide prescription spectacles for communities that would otherwise be unable to afford this service. 

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