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We Believe

We believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child. For this reason, we work to strengthen and develop their communities and families to create lasting and sustainable change. 


Rather than taking an individual approach through child sponsorship, we provide the opportunity to become a RAISE partner and support our child-focused development programs.


Your support is directed to our holistic development projects, that operate according to community needs to provide access to education, clean water and other forms of support necessary for the healthy development of children.


With monthly donations, your generosity will give children and their families hope for a much brighter future.


Program objectives are designed to achieve significant and lasting change for each community, family and child who is supported.

To Donate to these projects, click the following link:

In Sri Lanka 

Bank : Standard Charted Bank

Branch : Fort

Address : 37 York Street Colombo

Account Number : 01121371701 

Swift Code : SCBLLKLX

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