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Home of Hope

After 19 years and 45 children, our last child has left the Hope of Hope and has been reintegrated into self-supported living. The home is now empty and we are in the process of officially closing it.


It has been a huge learning chapter in our lives. We have seen the serious effects of long-term institutional care on children and we believe that every child has the right to live in a loving family. We plan to use the experience and knowledge gained over the years to work alongside other Children's Homes and help them work towards getting every child into a family. We hope to do this by providing them with resources and training. 


One way we are doing this is through the development of an Individual Care Plan for children in Institutional Care. This will be a resource given to children's homes across Sri Lanka, designed to help them better plan their children's futures, with the primary aim of reintegrating them into family-based care as soon as possible. 


We want to thank you all for your support and encouragement for our children and staff at the Home of Hope over the years. It has not been an easy journey. We have made many wonderful memories but have experienced some very tough and challenging times too. We are so grateful that today many of our children today are living in family communities where they belong.

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